Album: Studio Demo 2011 (2011)

Song: Rotten(studio demo)

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Sand was formed in 1999, originally without any specific goals, just for hanging out with friends and jamming songs. Since then the band has passed through a couple of lineup changes and solidified its lineup. On March 10th 2007, their 2nd album titled "Nuthin' But A Bitter Mouth" was released. After the release they played 32 record release shows all over the nation. They got a lot of positive feedback on the tour, which caused them to get offered to play more shows than they did in 2007. The album caught the attention of overseas hardcore community as it reached top sales for German label/record shop Filled With Hate Records for 3 weeks along. In December 2007, the band went to play a fest in Korea. In June 2008, they embarked on Canada & Brooklyn NY tour with Edge Of Spirit. In August 2008, they invited NY hardcore legends Merauder to Japan and embarked on Japan tour together. They presented a fest in Osaka titled "Freestyle Outro'5" as the tour's last date more than 2,000 people attended. In August 2009, they invited US hardcore king Madball and went through with Japan tour. As the last date on the tour, they presented "Freestyle Outro'6" with over 3,100 attendees. In May 2010, they were offered to play New York's hardcore festival Black N Blue Bowl (formerly titled Superbowl Of Hardcore), went on US mini-tour including dates in PA and MD, that resulted in selling out all the merchandise. In August 2010, they presented Skarhead Japan Tour as well as presenting the tour's last date "Freestyle Outro'7" with over 3,300 attendees. As for now in 2011, they have been in the process of writing and recording new material for their 3rd album to come up. Don't miss out their worldwide activities!